2007 – 2015

(Videos by Chesapeake Citizens unless noted)

2015:  Call to action featuring our death-by-fracking towers, which we had positioned for spreading the word with one simple image. Melinda and Beth wore costumes. (Video by Kelsey Erickson)


2014: Disappearing Drawings art ecology project



2014: Baltimore, MD. Stop Dominion in Cove Point Rally. We were there in our costumes with our matching banner. Paige was interviewed. (Video by ESND News)



2014: Annapolis, MD. January’s rally, organized by CCAN, Sierra Club and others to Stop Dominion’s Cove Point plans. Paige and I brought our five round two sided disks featuring iconic Chesapeake creatures, Water is Life/Stop Fracking on the back. I’m holding Lined Seahorse, a tiny gorgeous seahorse unique to our Bay. Additional friends such as Great Blue Heron, Striped Bass, Eastern Oyster, Blue Crab, Mark and Elisabeth joined us. (Video by organizerx)


2013: Healthcare Justice Play, United Workers/Healthcare is a Human Right. I had much fun as scriptwriter, costumer and actor. Silly medieval theme with health insurance ‘shields’ that don’t protect, and suffering impoverished peasants. Amazing work by Robin and Sergio, with costumes, props and art by Keith, Greg, Randy and others. (Video by United Workers Media Team)


2013: “Obama Go Green” sung to the tune of “All of Me” with piano by my son Gabriel. Theatrical activist Joe Adams and friend joined this action.


2011: Backbone Campaign and Coffee Party Rally: We the People vs. We the Corporations. Washington, D.C. (Video by Backbone Campaign)



2011: Author, philosopher and peace activist David Swanson discusses his book, “War Is a Lie”, Baltimore.  Charm City Labor Chorus joined us! (Video by Bill Hughes)


2010: “The Two-Headed Kochtopus” Takes a Satirical Hit in a Skit Staged on the National Mall! Script by Joe Adams. Information taken from Jane Mayer’s ‘New Yorker’ article. (Video by Bill Hughes)


2010: David and Charles Koch And Their Sinister Two Headed Kochtopus. Washington, D..


2009: House Calls for Health Care Reform, Baltimore, MD.


2009: Baltimore Single Payer Rally I coordinated with partners. Max O. was interviewed, as were others. Backbone Campaign’s Count Bleed Ya Dry made a surprise appearance! (Video by Bill Hughes.)


2009: Medicare’s 44th B’day Rally, Cupcake Lobby Day, Kucinich’s Single Payer Strategy, Washington, D.C. (Blues guitar and edit by my son Baird)


2008: THREE VIDEOS in English, French and Spanish: Democracy Activists Call on U.N. to Observe US Election. CLICK ON VIDEO to access all three versions plus written reports in English, French and Spanish. Washington, D.C.



2008: A Baltimore End-the-Iraq War Speak Out. Organized by Ellen Barfield, Jim and Margaret Baldridge, and others from Veterans for Peace and IVAW.  I gave brief talk at this event (@ 18:47 minutes), and published a follow up article on Dissident Voice on the importance of theatrical street art in strengthening efforts against the war. (Video by Bill Hughes)



2007: FOUR  X-MAS SINGING HUMOROUS VIDEOS AND SILLY REPORT: Humorous Holiday Lobbying for Impeachment of Bush/Cheney, Peace, and for Congressional Accountablity. CLICK ON VIDEO to access all four. (Videos by Mike Hersh of PDA)


2007: Howard Zinn’s Endorsement of our Progressive Cabinet Summit in Atlanta GA in June. Whew! Generous man! (Video by Liberty News TV) 


2007: Lieberman Sing-Along With The Backbone Patrol, January 2007, Washington, D.C. This youtube was the much-needed humorous piece of our anti-Iraq War lobbying day. We handed out spine thank you cards and spineless citations to politicians (Democrats) in Congress. (Video by Liberty News TV)